Want to see even more set photos from The Dark Knight Rises? Curious to the budget of The Avengers? How do you really summon Batman? What’s a possible title for the Captain America sequel? And do you find cosplayers in awkward positions completely hilarious? Read about all of this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

The DCU Movie Page (via Comic Book Movie) has stumbled up the UK Blu-ray art for Green Lantern. Reportedly, it’ll be released October 25 in the US.

Topless Robot is among the many people totally behind the new cartoon Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and have come up a list of the 10 Avengers who need to appear on the show in the future.

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An unofficial Dark Knight Rises Facebook page (via Comic Book Movie) came across some more set photos from The Dark Knight Rises. Nowhere near as exciting as the ones of Bane and Bats but where else are you going to see three Tumblers?

Fans of Lou Ferrigno will want to check out the Kickstarter page for the film Liberator which features the former Hulk actor as a superhero. It sounds kind of cool. For more information, head over to that page or the official site.

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Another on the less exciting side of the incredible amount of Dark Knight Rises set photos coming out of Pittsburgh are these photos from Millionaire Playboy, including Christopher Nolan talking to his DP Wally Pfister. And if you want to know what the pair are talking about, Coming Soon has a video.

Why Superheroes Make Terrible Bosses — powered by Cracked.com

Why do superheroes make horrible bosses? The team at Cracked tried to answer that question.

In the comic books, you need only a Bat Signal to summon Batman. But in reality, it’s a much more complex equation. Thanks to Reddit.

This isn’t necessarily new, but off the news that The Dark Knight Returns is getting an animated movie based on it in the coming future, /Film reader Jonnie Chang alerted us to this old episode of Batman: The Animated Series that paid tribute to the classic story.

You’ve seen Lego Batcaves, but what about really detailed Lego Batmobiles? Alex “Orion Pax” Schranz (via Super Punch) created the above as well as a cool, retro Batcave. Check them out at the links.

Comic Book Movie found a quote in an interview with a Fuji Film cinematographer that may or may not have dropped a rumored budget on The Avengers. Here’s the quote. Find out more at the above links:

Armagh-born McGarvey – currently in New Mexico shooting a $260m Marvel Comics’ extravaganza, The Avengers – has come a long way for the kid who first got his film break when as a student at the local Christian Brothers school, he was given a Super 8 camera by an inspirational teacher.

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