Kick-Ass gets an 8-bit remake via CineFix.

Hey U Guys spoke to Aaron Taylor-Johnson who confirmed he’s still in talks for Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

How It Should Have Ended put up this video of Superman and Batman talking about their upcoming movie, Batman vs. Superman, via The Awesomer.

The Geek Twins have 12 ways Batman can easily beat Superman in a fight.


Marvel and Star Wars get a mashup in this shirt from Neatoshop, via Shirtoid.

Wolverine co-writer Mark Bomback talked to CreativeScreenwriting (via SHH) and confirmed he tried to work Rogue into the movie.

The Dark Knight Rises meets…Dumbo? Thanks to Lei Adeline.

The Hollywood Reporter talked to the creators of Phineas & Ferb about their upcoming Marvel episode.

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