Want to work out like your favorite neighborhood webslinger? Check out this Spider-Man workout video via The Mary Sue and The Daily What.

Movieline spoke to Captain America: The First Avenger screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely and got their “8 Pro Tips for Writing A Comic Book Movie”. Some examples are “Be a fan of your source material — but don’t be too beholden to it, because you have to adapt for a new audience” and “In order to write a superhero movie, don’t write a superhero movie.” Really interesting advice.

We’ve seen so many major Batman characters in Batman: Arkham City that it’s no surprise to see yet another one. This trailer focuses on The Penguin. Thanks to Bloody Disgusting.

Warning: huge Captain America infographic coming up.

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Captain America Infographic
Via: Military VA Loan

Pretty self explanatory. Thanks to ItThing for the heads up on that one.

Left this for towards the end, it’s a cameo from Captain America: The First Avenger of the original Human Torch. Read more about it over on Comic Book Movie.

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