Just exactly how big are expectations for Man of Steel? What does Joss Whedon think the key is to The Avengers 2? How much profit will Iron Man 3 end up making? Is Thor: The Dark World going through reshoots? Has James Gunn found his Rocket Raccoon for Guardians of the Galaxy? And want to see some bad-ass set photos from the filming of Captain America: The Winter Solider? Read about all this and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Thanks to manthphoto for the above image from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Much more on Page 3.

Man of Steel Vertical

Warner Bros. revealed some long, vertical banners for Man of Steel.

Variety says Man of Steel is tracking for a $100 million plus opening weekend.

Superhero Hype ran this interview discussing Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

Vulture spoke to Joss Whedon about The Avengers 2 and how the team dynamic would be important this time:

…It was necessary to build this team, but what happens to them and to the world when they actually exist as a team? How does that work? And I have until we shoot in February to make sure that I’m right.

Zod Gentle Giant

Here’s a Zod statue from Man of Steel courtesy of Gentle Giant.

Comic Book Movie has some scans of a new interview with James Mangold discussing The Wolverine.

Here’s the trailer for the Man of Steel mobile game, out next week.

Warner Bros. is betting huge on Man of Steel, expecting it to be their biggest hit in studio history according to Variety.

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