What actress surprisingly pops up at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger and maybe in The Avengers? Want to look at an epic list of 26 Captain America themed t-shirts? How about take a video tour of Plano, Illinois, which is Smallville in Man of Steel? What do Chris Evans and Joe Johnston have to say about The Avengers? Why would Batman be pointing at Superman‘s crotch? And how can you buy tickets right now to see Captain America: The First Avenger a day early? Read about all this and more in today’s massive Superhero Bits.

In an interview with MTV, Chris Evans talked about filming The Avengers with Joss Whedon. Watch the clip above.

If you’re going to be at Comic Con and missed those GoFobo tickets we gave away to the 10am screening of Captain America: The First Avenger, you can head over to Fandango now as the same theater is now officially selling tickets for the movie all day on Thursday.

Amanda Righetti, best known for her TV work on The Mentalist and The OC, shows up in the credits of Captain America: The First Avenger listed as “SHIELD Agent.” The Daily Blam seems to think she’s “either Carol Danvers — also known to comic fans as the superpowered heroine Ms. Marvel — or Sharon Carter, niece of Peggy Carter.”

The Dayton Daily News (via CBM) spoke to a local Air Force Staff Sergeant who went to an open casting call for The Avengers and got a role in the movie:

As I understand it, I will have lines to say and I will be in the deck scene (on an aircraft carrier) along with Samuel Jackson and Robert Downey Jr. Yes, me. That’s all I know about the movie at this point.

If you like the X-Men and 8-bit videogames, this t-shirt from Shirtoid is a must buy.

Gamma Squad is starting a special Cosplay Flickr group with a theme each month that you can be a part of. This month it’s The Avengers, next month The Walking Dead and in September, the DC Reboot.

The Examiner (via Comic Book Movie) has posted this video tour of Plano, IL which is where Zack Snyder is shooting the Smallville stuff in Man of Steel. The narration is a little nerve-wracking but Superman fans will enjoy this.

Um. Why are Batman and Superman doing that? Please guys, stop. Please. Thanks to Reddit (via Nerd Approved) for pointing out this uncharacteristic Italian sculpture.

According to director Joe Johnston, Captain America is going to be a very different character in The Avengers. Here’s what he told MovieWeb.com:

Chris Evans plays a slightly different character in The Avengers. Which I think is good. I think he should be a different character, because he is in a different world. He is still Steve Rogers, and he retains those traits that make him the guy we all call Captain America, but at the same time, he should be different. Now? He is a man out of time. It should affect him.

Hide Your Arms has an awesome list of 26 different Captain America t-shirts, everything tongue in cheek (like above) to historical. Seems like a great way to suit up for this weekend.

Brian Michael Bendis (via What Culture) has posted a bunch of unrevealing set photos from the upcoming superhero FX pilot Powers.

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