Other Marks IM3

Want a full rundown of every single Mark between 7 and 42 in Iron Man 3? Comic Book Movie has photos. And Costume Discounters has a cool infographic, but it’s not as comprehensive.

Screw the Joker, Movies.com says The Mandarin is the best superhero villain of all time.

Iron Man 3 Wired Review

This is awesome. Wired reviewed Iron Man 3 as a comic book. This is just the first frame.

Criticwire defends the big plot twist in Iron Man 3.


The Fire Wire pointed out this Iron Man figure coming soon by ThreeA.

The Playlist has their best and worst moments of Iron Man 3.

Want more alternative credits sequences for Iron Man 3? Comic Book Movie posted a bunch from visual effects artist  Jose Ortiz and designer/illustrator Ash Thorp. Many more at that link.

Gawker wrote about the seven most essential Iron Man comic books.

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