Looking for a gift for the geek girl in your life? Thinkgeek has these wallets that might “fit the bill.” (Joke stolen from GeekAlerts.)

MovieWeb has a rumored trailer description for The Amazing Spider-Man that might appear at Comic-Con. Head over there to read it if you like but, from what I heard, this is not the trailer that will premiere at Comic-Con. Things could have changed, though.

GeekTyrant found this very cool illustration by J.E. Larson that blends Batman with some F.W. Murnau Nosferatu action and Ed Gorey style.

This is cool. I Heart Chaos has made a archive of all the comic book movies ever made beginning in 1911 up through 2011. That’s 100 years of comic book movies. As you can imagine, it gets a bit backloaded the closer you get to today.

Check out this awesome photo from the set of Justice League! Wait, no, that’s just a bunch of water-skiing superheroes in the 1970s at Sea World in Orlando Florida. Thanks to Neatorama (via Geeks are Sexy).

Oh Canada Dray, what are you doing? Does this really make sense? I mean, your ginger ale is delicious but the juxtaposition seems wrong. Thanks to The Clearly Dope (via Nerdalicious).

Behance (via Geeks are Sexy) has posted a great gallery of professional photos guessing what superheroes would end up doing once they’ve gotten a little older. You can see Joker construction worker above and head to the site for more.

CoolVibe has posted this beautiful piece of Thor fan art by Ioan Dumitrescu. It is titled “You Scared?” Head to the site for the bigger download.

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