Society 6 user enoch16 created this fan poster for The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Speaking to Screenrant, Christopher McQuarrie talked about his original script for The Wolverine and wanting to do more superhero films:

You know, Bryan and I have talked about it a bunch of times – and in fact, right after I got back from shooting [Jack Reacher] I had a meeting with Tom Rothman – just a general meeting – and I said to Tom, ‘You know what I’d really love to do, is I’d really love to flesh out the X-Men Universe for you. You have this great wealth of these Marvel characters, and the X-Men franchise has only focused on a small handful of them – there’s many more.

Kyle Roberts (via Buzzfeed) recreated the X-Men 90s cartoon intro in stop-motion. And it’s awesome.

Mark Millar talked a bit about The Wolverine on his website (via Superhero Hype), he also talked Best Movies of 2012:

Looking forward to: In 2013? Kick-Ass 2. There can be only one. Also buzzed about Superman and – the big surprise, I think – The Wolverine. The script is amazing and Mangold is such a brilliant director. Seen the first 10 mins and it looks like David Lean doing a superhero movie. This the one that’s going to surprise people. This and First Class were Year Zero for the Fox Marvel movies as far as I’m concerned.

@MatteoWilliams created a huge visual comparison between The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. You can see the full thing here but above is one of dozens of visual mirrors between the two films.

According to Comics Alliance, ComiXology is the #3 earning app on iPad for 2012.

robinbrindleanimation (via Nerd Approved) created this hilarious Dark Knight Rises GIF.

IMDB users named The Dark Knight Rises the #1 film of the year.

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