Know Your Marvel News (via CBM) their hands on a Captain America: The First Avenger children’s book which reveals where Red Skull gets the Cosmic Cube in the film. To avoid spoilers, we’ve put the second, less revealing image above. Click it to see the true reveal.

The messageboards over at Nolan Fans reportedly know what “The Fire Rises,” the viral phrase being used for The Dark Knight Rises, refers to. Instead of posting it here – it’s obviously a spoiler – we’ll just direct you to that site.

The posters for Captain America: The First Avenger have been semi-disappointing for many people. In response, Comic Book Movie has posted the above fan poster.

A site called Movie Mistakes (via CBM) is claiming that X-Men First Class is the most mistake-ridden film of 2011 so far. Unfortunately, most of the mistakes they list are errors in continuity that assume the other four X-Men movies are all part of this same world and we’ve heard time and time again that’s not exactly the case. If you’re a fan of nit-picking, check it out. Thor also gets the business.

Stand Up For Cancer, a very worthy cause, is auctioning off a copy of Amazing Spider-Man #6, the first appearance of The Lizard, signed by Marc Webb, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone all of the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man movie. There are more photos over on eBay where the very pricey comic is still, for now, moderately priced.

Topless Robot has come up with their five best, and worst, episodes of the early Eighties cartoon Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends. Above is the #3 best episode, Spidey Goes Hollywood.

Here’s a new image and info on how Bucky fits into Captain America: The First Avenger from a book that Comic Book Movie found in stores.

Super Punch found two really cool custom Lego jobs: the Batmobile and the Batcave, the latter of which you can see above.

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