Cool homemade Iron Man purses made of duct tape by No Role Model, via Fashionably Geek.

That Hot Toys Hulk from The Avengers I featured last week is now up for pre-order on Sideshow.

This literal Bane drain from Izismile (via Nerd Approved) made me chuckle.

I’ve run these in the past, but now the Avengers colognes and perfumes have their own website.

Totally sick motorized Lego Tumbler and The Bat from The Dark Knight Rises by Peer Kreuger via The Awesomer.

MTV figures out how Christopher Nolan could have potentially fit Harley Quinn into his film series.

Gentle Giant will be releasing this frightening Red Skull Bust.

University of Leicester students have written a paper on how it would have been possible for Batman to fly, and land, in Batman Begins. Thanks to CBM.

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