Stan Lee pitches a new Spider-Man movie on a recent episode of his online show.

You probably figured this out by now, but The Dark Knight Rises is the second highest grossing film of the year so far.

Screenrant posted this Thor: The Dark World fan poster by Martin Maes.

The guys at 24 Panels have a few X-Men: Days of Future Past predictions for you to mull over.

Give it a minute….yup. It’s funny. Thanks to Screenrant. Also, this image continues the Bat Bread hilarity. has been doing an extensive series on the history of Iron Man.

The Geek Twins have made an interesting connections. Was the Joker’s mask in The Dark Knight a reference to this episode of the ’60s Batman series? Read/watch more at the link.

So Ben Affleck might make a superhero movie? MTV has a list of five properties he’d kill.

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