Love Chris Nolan‘s Batman films? They can’t erase the memory of the ten weirdest Batman movie moments according to IFC. The above video is a personal fave.

Gamma Squad (and I) are in the minority saying Batman Begins is the best of the three Batman movies.

For only $1500 or so, you can dress up just like Batman and ride your motorcycle. Let’s face it. It’s worth it. Head to UD Replicas via Fashionably Geek.

Enough of this negative stuff, Film School Rejects has 11 things that DID work in The Dark Knight Rises. (And 11 things that were “Just Okay” too. I see what you’re doing there, Neil.)

I didn’t want to laugh at this. But I did. Thanks to regretsy via Geeks Are Sexy.

I promise. You will agree with the 9 huge plot holes Pajiba found in The Dark Knight Rises. PROMISE.

Feriowind has posted a set of images blending The Avengers with Pokemon (via Screenrant).

Screenrant surmises that even if The Dark Knight Rises is good, it lessens the impact of The Dark Knight.

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