/Film reader Craig M tweeted this impressive Dark Knight Rises drawing.

According to Variety, up to 25% of audiences are afraid to go to the movie theater after the shootings in Aurora, CO during The Dark Knight Rises.

Blain Hefner drew this Mystique First Class image for Planet Pulp.

Movieline and IFC are two more, and not the last, websites who raised serious issues with The Dark Knight Rises.

Have I posted this yet? I might have. But Emory University (via Open Culture) say the webs of The Amazing Spider-Man are scientifically possible.

Io9 has some of the best points and ideas out there about rebooting Batman post The Dark Knight Rises.

Sitting Too Close did another cool, simple, Dark Knight Rises drawning.

Our own 15 Issues with The Dark Knight Rises article inspired plenty of passionate rebuttal. Here’s one, from Elements of Madness and another from Nolan Fans. They both bring up very valid points.

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