Want to see a photo of Christian Bale on the set of The Dark Knight Rises? What’s the rumored next phase of the viral campaign, how many people showed up at a recent casting call and what is Michael Caine saying now? Has someone seen 15 minutes of The Avengers? And what did Mark Millar think of Green Lantern? Read about all this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

First, a big thanks to Justin Merriman of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review for the above photo. Read more about it below.

Cowboys and Aliens opens in a little over a month. If your anticipation is rising, this featurette from SuperHero Hype will only help it skyrocket.

After Green Lantern‘s so-so opening weekend, plans for a sequel are up in the air. Geoff Johns, however, told Fast Company they have tentative plans for more than just a sequel or trilogy:

There are definitely plans for more Green Lantern films. I would hope it’s more than a trilogy. I think Green Lantern has a lot of movies in it, a lot of stories to tell. The Flash, which I wrote the treatment for, is also in development, but I can’t say much more than that.

[No photo]

Yes, it’s small, but that is a photo of Christian Bale in The Dark Knight Rises. We now have confirmation that Bruce Wayne will be in The Dark Knight Rises! There are more photos on this Facebook page (Thanks to CBM).

MTV is teaching Green Lantern Alien 101. Introductory video above.

Want more Green Lantern explanation? Cinema Blend has answers to 16 burning questions. For example, what’s the deal with Angela Bassett‘s character?

Dr. Amanda Waller, played by Angela Bassett, is actually a huge character in the comics, bother literally and figuratively (her nickname is “The Wall”). In the comics her husband and two of her children are murdered and after escaping from the projects of Chicago she gets a doctorate in political science and eventually becomes a powerful figure that controls The Suicide Squad, a group of captured supervillains who go on covert missions for the government to lessen their sentences.

Behind the Shield, a new documentary about Captain America: The First Avenger, has come online via Geek Tyrant. Who doesn’t want more Captain America?

Julie Taymor was in Los Angeles and opened up a bit to Variety about Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark, saying the script wasn’t ready, they should have previewed out of town and it was envisioned more like a circus.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (via Superhero Hype) says that almost 8,000 people showed up to a casting call to appear in The Dark Knight Rises. 3,000 extras are needed for “non-speaking roles for various types of good guys, bad guys and regular men and women.” According to the piece, shooting for those scenes will take place from July 28 to about Aug. 21.

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