Has the new Iron Man 3 armor been slyly revealed? What’s up with this rumor of an Avengers Extended Cut? Is Batman Begins coming to IMAX a big deal? Want to see a behind the scenes feature on The Dark Knight Returns? Which characters are on the new Amazing Spider-Man poster? Is Batman heading to Smallville? How does Matthew Modine describe his character in The Dark Knight Rises? Which Avengers concept art graces the cover of a new comic book? Read about all this and much more in today’s Superhero Bits?

Coming Soon found a new Amazing Spider-Man poster focusing on the film’s love story.

Iron Man 3 might take place partially in Hollywood and feature a love triangle involving Tony Stark. Read more, possibly spoilerish details at Comic Book Movie.

There’s a Dark Knight Returns Behind the Scenes feature on the Superman vs. The Elite DVD. Bleeding Cool found a working link.

Film School Rejects has seven ways Warner Bros. can avoid disaster with Justice League. Odds are few of these will be adhered to.

If you were looking for a shirt combing dogs, urine and Iron Man, look no further than 6 Dollar Shirts via Shirtoid.

Expanding on this news from Variety, IMAX confirmed to me that Batman Begins joining the AMC Dark Knight Marathon will be the first time it’ll be shown in digital IMAX.

I didn’t run this banner a few days back cause it looked fan made but, after yesterday’s Licensing poster, Latino Review believes it features your first look at the new Iron Man 3 armor. Check out the shoulders. Thoughts?

Stan Lee spoke to IGN about the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man. Be warned, he does spoil his cameo.

Badass Digest is up in arms about the over-sexualization of Catwoman on the cover of her new comic.

Utah State students have been working hard at trying to figure out the whole Spider-Man wall climbing thing. Read more at Wired (via Slice of SciFi) or watch the video.

Matthew Modine spoke to Comic Book Resources about his character in The Dark Knight Rises:

He’s not a man with supernatural powers, he’s not a mythological character — he’s just a man who’s damaged, who’s broken like so many people in the world… trying to do good. The interesting point then becomes, when you do good, when you’re fighting crime, when do you cross that line of becoming a vigilante? I think that ‘broken person doing good’ is something we all aspire to in our life, trying to overcome our fears and trying to fight evil in the world. He’s a character we all relate to.

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