Comic Book Movie has scanned a bunch of Captain America: The First Avenger cards including this one of his USO outfit. There’s also a very spoilery image about the location of the Cosmic Cube.

Over on Nerd Bastards, they already us to the fact that True Blood star Ryan Kwanten stars in a superhero romantic comedy called Griff The Invisible. That’s the trailer. Seems pretty cool.

As per that tweet, Mark Hamill will continue to voice The Joker after Batman Arkham City despite misconceptions that he’d retire.

Just how extensive were the changes made in the several week hiatus before Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark finally opened? MTV spoke to the show’s new writers all about it.

In a story on Blastr, Blake Lively says if a Green Lantern sequel happens, she might get her super villain on:

If this movie is successful and we did a few more films, I’m pretty confident that Star Sapphire would show up.

Superhero Hype has a couple old photos from Captain America: The First Avenger in high-res, and a couple new ones such as the one above.

Kevin Feige spoke to Total Film (via CBM) about the costume and shield in Captain America: The First Avenger. Here’s a sample:

We didn’t want to reinvent it, just make it worthy of being in the movie, People expect us to take something that’s in the comics and give it a little more texture & detail.

Ain’t It Cool News has compiled all of the Siskel & Ebert reviews for DC Comic movies such Burton’s Batman (above) Superman 3, Supergirl, and then all the way through newer critics Richard Roeper and Michael Phillips talking The Dark Knight.

Topless Robot has a great list of the “8 Hilariously Awful Attempts to Get Non-Comic Book Fans to Read Comics” including that terrible Billy Ray Cyrus comic.

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