Does Chris Hemsworth think Thanos will appear in Thor 2? Want to see some new images from The Dark Knight Rises? How did the visual effects for the interfaces in The Avengers work? Could Bill Murray have been in Iron Man? What happens when The Hulk meets The Kardashians? Do new toy images blow a character reveal in The Dark Knight Rises? And what do The Avengers look like reimagined as Hello Kitty? Read about all of this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

Chris Hemsworth spoke to MTV about Thor 2, director Alan Taylor and if Thanos would appear.

Designer Jayse Hansen has posted some jaw-dropping looks behind the scenes of the user interfaces in The Avengers, including S.H.I.E.L.D and Iron Man’s. Very cool stuff. Thanks to Comic Book Movie. (via CBM) has a few new Amazing Spider-Man behind the scenes pics.

June 26 brings a Christopher Nolan Blu-ray box set to stores, via Nolan Fans.

Cool Captain America Poster on Svpply.

The Sports Hero has some new theories about one of Bane’s weapons in The Dark Knight Rises. Be warned of possible football field destroying spoilers.

/Film reader Sean H designed this Curly Bane.

If you wanted a high quality design of Scarlett Johannson in your home, this Hot Toys Black Widow will do the trick.

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