I like the style of Jonas Ståhl‘s Dark Knight Rises fan poster, but I’m not quite sure the concept works.  Thanks to F Yeah Movie Posters.

IFC.com has done a non-spoiler top five things about The Avengers.

IO9 found some scans of a 1983 Marvel Superheroes Coloring Book featuring many of The Avengers. And yes, that’s a maze in Hulk’s pants.

Joss Whedon (via Badass Digest) explained how to make a good comic book movie:

It’s capturing the essence of the comic and being true to what’s wonderful about it, while remembering that it’s a movie and not a comic. I think Spider-Man, the first one particularly, really captured [the spirit of the comic]. They figured out the formula of oh, tell the story that they told in the comic. It was compelling, that’s why it’s iconic, but at the same time they did certain things that only a movie can do [but] were in the vein of the comic. I think you see things like The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, where they just threw out the comic, or Watchmen, where they do it frame for frame, and neither of them work. You have to give the spirit of the thing and then step away from that, and create something cinematic and new.

Want another Avengers featurette? Sure, why not?

Movieline has a good write up about how well The Avengers is doing at the UK box office.

Want another Amazing Spider-Man International Poster? Sure, why not?

If you read one Kevin Feige interview (besides mine) Superhero Hype‘s would be a safe bet.

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