Jang Sara (via Buzzfeed) has created eye makeup looks for all the members of The Avengers. These are just a few, head there for the rest.

If you’ve dreamed of a custom piece of superhero themed clothing, Volante Design might be able to make your dreams come true. Thanks to Geeks Are Sexy.

For you smell superhero fans, here’s some Iron Man cologne over on Entertainment Earth via Geek Alerts.

Total Film talked to Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner about possibly being in upcoming Marvel films:

I’m not sure. But there is always the possibility. But even if there was a possibility, we would never tell you.

Cool Toy Review has a look at two exclusive Avengers minimate sets that’ll be available at the Disney Store after the film premieres.

The Avengers got a little ribbing on Conan last week.

Harald Haefker’s flickr photostream (via Boing Boing) has some awesome behind the scenes photos from the Sixties Batman TV show.

Speaking of Batman, current writer Grant Morrison told Playboy (via CBM) that he feels the character is “very, very, gay.”

/Film reader Berat Bayer sent us in what seems to be the beginnings of a chart linking movies to The Avengers.

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