If Batman was in a period piece or fantasy film, he might look like this. Very cool Viking Batman by Jaco via Geek Tyrant.

Batman Arkham City Lockdown has been updated for the new iPad via App Advice.

Tested.com has an article called “Why The New iPad is a Turning Point for Digital Comics?”

Cool Amazing Spider-Man fan poster by Gabriel Lodi via F Yeah Movie Posters.

Blue Sky Disney (via CBM) reveals there are rumors Disney is in the very early stages of prepping an animated Marvel movie. That would be awesome.

Yup. That’s a Captain America lamp. Thanks to Geek Alerts via Neatoshop.

Gamma Squad list five comics they think should win the Eisner for best new series, a category that no longer exists.

Like cookies? How about a Thor cookie jar? Found at Geek Alerts via Entertainment Earth.

We’ve run a lot of these in this column, but io9 has a great round up of “cute” Avengers fan art.

A man kind of dressed at Batman stormed the field at Camden Yards last week. Thanks to The Interrobang.

Will The Dark Knight Rises have a video game? Yes as a mobile app, probably not as console game. Read more at Comic Book Movie.

Hot Toys is releasing all of The Avengers as high end collectibles, and they’re doing an even more limited Iron Man that’s called the Movie Promo Edition. Read and see more at Cool Toy Review.

Bleeding Cool details a new young adult novel called Starfall City which is about teen girl superheros set in a very nice world. One is very like Batman, another like Superman.

I totally would have worn a superhero basketball jersey when I was in high school. Here’s Wolverine, you can see Spider-Man and many others at 80s Tees (via Fashionably Geek).

According to an interview at Comic Book Resources (via CBM) the entire cast of Powers has been let go. Sorry, fans.

Comic Book Movie posted this small, new look at The Lizard from The Amazing Spider-Man.

Unreality Mag lists six “interesting interpretations” of God in comic books.


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