(via Geeks Are Sexy) made this clever photo of Captain Canada.

Frustrated over the difficulty of attending San Diego Comic Con? has a list of other, much less busy conventions.

A perfect female outfit for midnight screenings of The Amazing Spider-Man via Fashionably Geek.

Odds are if you read this column, the TopTenz list of movies you didn’t know where originally comic books won’t surprise you, but it’s certainly possible.

Marvelous News (via CBM) found new images of 6 inch Avengers toys.

Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy is coming to Blu-ray. Head to Marvel for more.

The Ellen Show revealed a new clip from The Amazing Spider-Man via CBM.

Mr. Lovenstein‘s Awkward Superman comic is pretty funny. Thanks to High Definite.

The Sports Hero continues their early dissection of The Dark Knight Rises, asking the question, what injuries has Bane sustained?

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