Wonder Woman 1984 - Young Diana in Amazon Olympics

Empire Magazine revealed a new Wonder Woman 1984 image with young Diana in the Amazon Olympics.

Janelle Monáe revealed that one of her most desired roles is that of the weather-controlling mutant Storm.

Comic Book Resources wonders if Captain America may be immortal in a video look at his character history.

A rumor says Warner Bros. is considering a reboot of Justice League called Rebirth to start with a clean slate.

There’s a line of new collectible Barbie dolls featuring the characters of the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984.

Scarlett Johansson says Black Widow will give the fans “some sort of healing” after Avengers: Endgame.

There’s a little Easter egg referencing Jay Garrick version of The Flash in the background of Batman Returns.

James Gunn debunked a bunch of rumors about the reveals coming from the DC FanDome event in August.

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