Want to see some new promo images from The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers and Amazing Spider-Man? What surprises can be found on the new DC Comics website? Which new scenes pop into the German Avengers trailer? Has someone started making fan posters for The Wolverine? Where can you go to read some massive spoilers from The Avengers? What’s the connection between Community and The Dark Knight Rises? And has the best Iron Man cosplay ever finally been created? Read about all of this and much more in today’s Superhero Bits.

Newsarama (via CBM) has this image of Batman from The Dark Knight Rises in an ad for the new DC Comics website.

Josh Trank spoke to Empire (via CBM) about his feelings on a Fantastic Four movie:

I’m interested in character and interpersonal conflict. What’s cool about Fantastic Four, which is an amazing property, is that these are people who started out as human beings, for the most part. Coming to terms with with humanity is the biggest challenge, not the villains they face.

Joel McHale tweeted this mashup of The Dark Knight Rises and season 3 of Community.

JoBlo has come up with what they think are Marvel’s Ten Greatest Movie Characters.

Superhero Hype has the full line up of Amazing Spider-Man Minimates. This is just one photo.

A Japanese jewelry company, Colantotte, has revealed a promotional tie in with The Avengers. Head to their site (via CBM) for more info, images and character bios.

The combined box office receipts of these three characters don’t make up for this hilarious/terrible Avengers t-shirt on sale in Puerto Rico, posted on Reddit (via Badass Digest).

Let’s cleanse the palate of that above shirt with this true Avengers shirt from Superhero Stuff (via Fashionably Geek).

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