Remember when Peter Parker revealed his identity to tens of thousands, including the Wakandan army, all of New Asgard and Dr. Strange’s friends? from marvelstudios

One Marvel fan noticed this potentially risky move by Peter Parker in the middle of the Endgame final battle.

Dave Bautista is interested in playing Clayface in a Batman movie, and he even passed on a DC Comics movie.

Find out how Sophie Turner prepared for her turn to the dark side of Jean Grey for this years Dark Phoenix.

One thread on Reddit has an interesting idea for how Doctor Strange could help Spider-Man leave the MCU.

Marc MaronĀ keeps throwing shade at other comic book movies after criticizing other superhero movies last week.

The first trailer for the DC Comics Birds of Prey movie may arrive next week when IT: Chapter 2 hits theaters.

Here’s another look at Gal Gadot from Wonder Woman 1984 from the Licensing Expo down in Brazil.

Director Todd Phillips revealed that Joaquin Phoenix lost a total of 52 pounds in order to star in Joker.

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