What special features will be on the Titans season one home video release? Is it all right if Captain Marvel is just an okay movie? What does The Flash star Grant Gustin have to say about Arrow being canceled? When does the Batwoman pilot take place in the Arrowverse timeline? Who voices the Batman toy in Shazam? Is Ben Affleck still up to direct a DC Comics movie? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson and the rest of the Captain Marvel cast talk about the making of the movie.

Get a rundown of all the special features you can get when the first season of Titans arrives on Blu-ray and DVD.


The Flash star Grant Gustin reacted to the announcement that Arrow would be coming to an end next season.

An article at Variety talks about why it’s just fine and even welcome for Captain Marvel to just be an okay movie.

For those of you who maybe aren’t up to snuff about Captain Marvel, here’s seven things you maybe didn’t know.

US Representative Dan Crenshaw just met Chris Evans and appropriately donned a Captain America glass eye.

Here are some new images from the upcoming Hellboy reboot, coming to IMAX and regular theaters in April.

Greg Berlanti says the Batwoman pilot at The CW takes place before her Arrowverse crossover debut.

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