Bryan Zap Flashpoint Poster

Which Arrow cast member won’t be returning for the seventh season? Would you believe someone saw Avengers: Infinity War five times in a row? Why is Venom‘s tongue so long? Did you know Lost star Josh Holloway came close to getting the role of Gambit? Is Agents of SHIELD going to make any reference to Avengers: Infinity War? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Anthony Mackie tried to recreate the Guardians of the Galaxy music video with the Infinity War cast.

In less than a week, Avengers: Infinity War already crossed the $800 million mark at the global box office.

For some reason, one fan created a trailer for Batman v Superman in the style of the new Venom trailer.

Paul Blackthorne will not return as Quentin Lance when Arrow comes back for a seventh season this fall.

Some crazy person from Funny or Die saw Avengers: Infinity War five times in a row. So how did that turn out?

Black Panther has topped Star Wars: The Last Jedi at the global box office, pushing Marvel over $15 billion.

The Flash and his team puts their faith in Amunet Black (Kattee Sackhoff) in “Harry and the Harrisons.”

Sterling K. Brown says he’s still up for playing Green Lantern if he were given the opportunity by DC.

Bryan Zap Flashpoint Poster

Deviant Art artist Bryan Zap created this hypothetical poster for a Flashpoint movie that looks cool as hell.

The French version of Avengers: Infinity War has Tony Stark make a Harry Potter reference at one point.

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