What improvement will be made to Robert Downey Jr.‘s costume in Iron Man 3? Want to read some of the new Superman origin from Action Comics? Curious to see some unused posters from The Incredible Hulk and alternative concept art from Green Lantern? What are the latest rumors regarding cameos in The Avengers? Want to see Smallville‘s Erica Durance dressed as Wonder Woman? Read about all of this and more in the final Superhero Bits of 2011.

Action Comics #5 will be released next week and in it, writer Grant Morrison reimagines the origin of Superman. Wired has your first look at the first five pages.

Clark Gregg spoke again, to SFX Mag (via CBM), about his expanded role in The Avengers:

I had to pinch myself because I’m not that jaded. I got to show up and put on the Coulson suit and I’ve got enough lines that I have a trailer, plus I get to do this amazing script by Joss Whedon. I don’t know how I got to be a part of it, I just feel very lucky about it. When you look at the team it’s made out of rock stars, divas, and giant muscles with superpowers so somebody has the job backstage at Lollapalooza to make them all play in the same concert and super band – and that’s what Agent Coulson does.

Comic Book Movie (via The Blot Says) has posted a huge gallery of Avengers merchandise. My favorite are the Pop figures, seen above, but there are bike helmets, skateboards, plush toys, you name it.

The New York Post is reporting that a new issue of US Weekly reveals Robert Downey Jr. will be using 3 inch lifts in Iron Man 3.

Shock Till You Drop pointed out that Guy Bourraine Jr., who did yesterday’s Batman Beyond poster, also did the above one too.

The Superhero Hype Forums (via CBM) have run a huge list of Avengers rumors, some of which we’ve previously reported, others are new, but all are such massive spoilers, I’m just giving you the link and you can follow at your own risk.

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