Want to read about visual effects in Man of Steel? What does the cast of Community look like as Batman characters? Which character would David Fincher have killed had he made a Spider-Man movie? Do Marvel characters and A Christmas Story have a common ground? What happens when you mix Tintin with the X-Men? Where can you start pre-ordering merchandise for The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers? And has a spoiler slipped about the post-credits scene in The Avengers? Read about all of this and more in today’s massive Superhero Bits.

I tried to get this up last week but it got lost in the shuffle. Concept images popped online of toys from Tim Burton‘s Superman Lives that never happened. See more at Collider.

WETA special effects guy Joe Letteri is working on Man of Steel and spoke to The Playlist about how the effects in the movie are being handled. There’s more at the link:

Zack’s going for pretty much everything in-camera as much as he can. I mean, the reason to think about Superman in CGI, you don’t need him full CGI as a character, because he’s basically a full person. But you just don’t want the flying scenes to look like he’s on a wire. So [the question is] how do you use CG to make that happen, and that’s still kind of being played with right now.

The cast of Community reimagined as Batman characters, via artist Ben Deguzman.

Marc Webb talked extensively about The Amazing Spider-Man with Empire Magazine, via Comic Book Movie, here’s just one sample:

It’s not a remake, we’re not making Sam’s movie again. It’s a different universe and a different story with different characters. There are certain mythological obligations people have in any story, but it’s so radically different in terms of tone and what Peter Parker experiences that I’m very comfortable with the movie occupying a different space.

IMP Awards posted this poster for the upcoming movie Chronicle.

Chris Hemsworth spoke a bit about Thor‘s relationship with Captain America and how the character wants to deal with Loki in The Avengers:

Thor has a different opinion about how this should be taken care of, because it’s his brother. I think it’s heartbreaking, because he feels very responsible for why Loki has spiralled off. He keeps trying to appeal to whatever good was once there.

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