Weapon H - Hulk/Wolverine

Which movie did Gal Gadot read lines from when auditioning for Wonder Woman? Are you ready for Marvel’s Hulk/Wolverine hybrid comic? Which Disney Channel star has joined the cast of Agents of SHIELD? Did Anthony & Joe Russo have free reign on killing superheroes in Avengers: Infinity War? What would Ricky Whittle look like as Green Lantern? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Watch the promo for “Don’t Run,” the upcoming midseason finale of The Flash, coming on December 5.

Gal Gadot didn’t know she was auditioning for Wonder Woman and read Pulp Fiction lines at her session.

Stuntman Thomas Billings posted this Justice League set photo from a deleted scene with Atlantean warriors.

A new rumor says that the DC Extended Universe is hoping to lead up to a massive Legion of Doom storyline.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow get caught up with some viking trouble in the promo for the midseason finale.

There’s a little Easter egg in Justice League making reference to Ryan Choi, aka the DC character The Atom.

Weapon H - Hulk/Wolverine

Marvel Comics has revealed their dangerous Wolverine/Hulk hybrid comic called Weapon H, coming in March.

Gore Verbinksi is bringing The Ring cinematographer Bojan Bazelli onto his crew for Fox’s Gambit movie.

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