What superhero trend was set at the Heisman Trophy presentation this weekend? Which superhero movie is not eligible for a Best Visual Effects Oscar? Does Scarlett Johansson think she’ll appear in Iron Man 3? Want to read Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas talk about The Dark Knight Rises prologue and trailer? Want to know what the next Batman video game might be called? Which Spider-Man stars wanted to cameo in The Amazing Spider-Man? How does the video game for that movie look? Read about all this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

Robert Griffin III of Baylor won the Heisman Trophy this week and was, reportedly, wearing the above Superman socks with capes on them. We reported on this a few months back and, hopefully, you got a pair then because they’re sold out everywhere. Thanks to GeekAlerts.

Captain America: The First Avenger, Thor and X-Men First Class are all on the possible short list for the Best Visual Effects Oscar. Not on the list? Green Lantern. Thanks to Deadline.

Comic Book Movie posted a vintage Soaky Toys commercial featuring the Man of Steel himself.

Superhero Hype asked Scarlett Johansson if she might return to play the Black Widow in Iron Man 3 or other Marvel superhero movies:

I’ve heard nothing. You know how it goes. Sometimes two days before, it’s like ‘And here’s your next mission.’ I have no idea.

X-Men Movie (via CBM) posted this cool motion capture previz video from X-Men First Class.

The Los Angeles Film Critics Association (via Deadline) handed their 2011 Best Actor award to Michael Fassbender for his work in A Dangerous Method, Jane Eyre, Shame and, of course, X-Men First Class.

The Joker won the Best Character award at the Spike Video Game Awards and, while accepting his award, seemed to reveal the title to the next Batman game: Batman: Arkham World. Thanks to Comic Book Movie for the photo.

IGN spoke to Christopher Nolan about how much of Bane’s backstory might appear in The Dark Knight Rises:

Well, the liberating thing about dealing with a lesser known villain is you feel more creative freedom to embrace the elements of that character you feel can serve your story and ignore those that won’t. But at the same time, we chose Bane because he has some very unique elements to who he is. As far as the emphasis to it in the film, I’m actually editing some right now, so you never quite know until it’s done. But we certainly intend to do justice to it, to the character I’ve written and to the comics. And I think the significance of Bane, in our eyes, is his strength as an antagonist to Batman. Everything must serve that, including the nature of his past and how that will play into the story.

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