Superhero Hype points us to Ryan Luckoo‘s Deviant Art page where he has homemade minimalist superhero posters. In addition to The Dark Knight Rises, he’s got The Avengers and Amazing Spider-Man (cropped on previous page) too.

Marissa Miller spoke to Ocean Drive (via CBM) about her role in R.I.P.D. as Jeff Bridges‘ Avatar.

Saturday Night Live did a little superhero comedy this week with a Batman digital short.

Collider spoke to Hans Zimmer about the fan participation in the score for The Dark Knight Rises. He tells the whole story of how it came to be at that link, but here’s a taste:

You always want to create a sound that nobody has ever heard, but I think, this time, we might be doing that. As a musician, I think about what environment things are recorded in. Now, you have hundreds of thousands of voices, all recorded in their own individual environment. Up until now, that’s been impossible to do. There’s a lot of people doing a lot of editing, as well.

Want another fan made Dark Knight Rises poster? Here’s one by Jamie Brown, inspired by Drew Struzan thanks to Dark Knight Rises Rumors (via Comic Book Movie).

Tom Hiddleston spoke to Elle Magazine (via CBM) about the mysterious scene in The Avengers shot at NASA:

My favorite moment on set was filming at a NASA location the size of a cathedral. I flew around like a trapeze artist in a rocket-testing facility in the company of Samuel L. Jackson and Jeremy Renner. That was a pretty good day at work.

David Slade tweeted the above update in regards to the Daredevil reboot. First draft done, more news next year.

Furious Fanboys list their 10 biggest fanboy complaints from superhero movies.

Cool Marvel Wallets via UniqueDaily.

In the Los Angeles Times, Christian Bale and Gary Oldman spoke about pressure making The Dark Knight Rises. Here’s Bale:

In terms of box office, I don’t feel any pressure. I never saw Batman and Bruce Wayne as a big tent pole. It was just another character I love playing. But I do feel a creative pressure. It would be wrong if I didn’t feel that.

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