Batman and Harley Quinn Movie

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has announced Batman and Harley Quinn will premiere at San Diego Comic-Con.

Comic Book Resources takes a deep dive into the history of the rivalry between Marvel Comics and DC Comics.

Avengers Infinity War Set Photo - Thanos

Chris Hemsworth indicated at Supanova that he knows where the final Infinity Stone is, and we’ll find out soon.

Tom Holland explained in an interview why he’s doing motion capture for Spidey’s suit in Avengers: Infinity War.

Dolph Lundgren practices some stunts for he’ll perform as King Nereus in Aquaman in this video posted to Twitter.

There’s no pilot in place for Black Lightning yet. The show was sold based on an eight to twelve minute presentation.

Spider-Man Spider-Mobile Hot Wheels

Spider-Man‘s weird Spider-Mobile is being revived as a Hot Wheels collectible at Comic-Con with a Deadpool variant.

In a feature with Joel Schumacher, the director revealed Patrick Stewart was never considered to play Mr. Freeze.

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