Spider-Man Homecoming - Matt Ferguson Poster

Can Star-Lord beat Boba Fett in a fight? Want to see the entire unaired episode of Powerless that features Adam West as a guest star? Did you notice Kevin Feige‘s real time reaction to Amy Pascal‘s Spider-Man universe revelation from last weekend? Is Supergirl going to enter the DC Extended Universe? Will Thor‘s roommate Daryl appear in Thor: Ragnarok? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Star-Lord faces off with the most notorious bounty hunter in the Star Wars galaxy in the latest Super Power Beatdown.

Geoff Johns joked around about rumors regarding the Justice League reshoots happening with Joss Whedon.

Wonder Woman

io9 cautions women against putting a sword down the back of their dress to mimic a certain Wonder Woman scene.

Insomniac Games says the city map for Spider-Man PS4 will be four to six times as big as the game Sunset Overdrive.

One fan put together a trailer for X-Men: Dark Phoenix using X-Men: The Animated Series footage from the 1990s.

Jared Leto took his 30 Seconds to Mars crew to see Wonder Woman and posted on Instagram that he totally loved it.

Matt Ferguson shared the poster he created for Spider-Man: Homecoming, featuring Iron Man soaring too.

Chris Hemsworth confirms the unfortunate news that Thor‘s roommate Daryl will not be in Thor: Ragnarok.

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