How many IMAX theaters will be showing The Dark Knight Rises prologue in the United Kingdom? Has The Wolverine been delayed after all? What comic book did an Illinois man find in his attic? Does Jeremy Renner think a Hawkeye solo movie is possible? How would Chloe Moretz change Hit Girl for Kick Ass 2? Read about all of this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

In 1966, a newspaper writer predicted a rise in the importance of Batman. Comics Alliance has much, much more on this.

If you live in the UK, I have some bad news. There are only four IMAX theaters in your country that use 70mm IMAX so there are only four places you can see The Dark Knight Rises prologue in a few weeks according to What Culture.

The characters of Batman: Arkham City get a Simpsons makeover by Dean Fraser over at Springfield Punx. Head there, or Geek Tyrant, for a better look at each one.

JoBlo reports The Wolverine has NOT been delayed.

/Film reader Gabriel V alerted us to this Watchmen trailer by dracudelishio made with Little Big Planet 2. It’s pretty phenomenal.

Marvel picks their top five moments from the DVD release Iron Man: Extremis. They’ll be featuring moments from other movies in the new in stores Marvel Knights Animation Collection all week.

A man in Illinois had the best day ever when he was looking in his attic and found a copy of Amazing Fantasy #15, the first appearance of Spider-Man. Read more at the LaGrange Patch (via THR).

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