Beppo the Supermonnkey

Comic Book Resources runs through the coolest super animals from comics, like Beppo the Supermonkey.

Despite diversity that supposedly hurt interest Marvel Comics , Black Panther and Ms. Marvel got Hugo Award noms.

A new featurette explains how the new DC Comics animated feature Batman and Harley Quinn came to be made.

Patty Jenkins talks about how her idea for Thor 2 has similarities to what she’s done with Wonder Woman.

Pierce Brosnan says there’s no truth to the rumors that he was in the running to play Cable in Deadpool 2.

Chris Pine didn’t read any of the Wonder Woman comics in preparation for his role as Steve Trevor in the movie.

This trailer remix makes Andrew Garfield look like a super-powered stalker called The Amazing Stalker Man.

Ciaran Hinds offered some details on his Justice League villain Steppenwolf, including how he’ll be created.

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