Arrowverse - Crossover

Which Avenger represents your state in the 50 state variant comic book covers? Did you catch what appears to be a Carmine Falcone easter egg in Batman v Superman? How much has Doctor Strange made worldwide? Did you know Michael Shannon was never on set for Batman v Superman? What’s going on in the 100th episode of Arrow? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Aventers 50 States Variants

Marvel is releasing 50 different Avengers state variant comic covers that combine to form the American flag.

Jay Garrick will be returning for the Christmas episode in this season of The Flash, airing after the big crossover.

Batman News has about 20 previously unseen portraits of the cast of Suicide Squad that you can check out.

James Wan continues to tease location scouting for Aquaman as production early next year inches closer.

Art of DC Bombshells Sinestro

Check out a sneak preview of the forthcoming book, The Art of DC Comics Bombshells, over at Comic Book Resources.

See if you missed any easter eggs from “Outlaw Country,” the most recent DC’s Legends of Tomorrow episode.

Arrowverse - Crossover

See 70 photos and the episode synopses from the Arrowverse crossover coming the week after Thanksgiving.

Ezra Miller indicates The Flash is still learning as the movie will feature an “amateur-hour Speedster.

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