Batman Rebirth - Watchmen

How will the rest of the DC TV superheroes react to the arrival of Supergirl? How did a Black Panther hat result in a woman getting kicked off a flight? How much could Doctor Strange make in its opening weekend at the box office? Why does Marvel feel it’s necessary for Captain Marvel to have a female director? What’s up with the Watchmen in DC’s Rebirth initiative? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Here’s a trailer for Batman v Superman if Christian Bale and Brandon Routh were Batman and Superman.

Did you happen to catch the easter eggs in this past week’s episode of the third season of The Flash?

Marvel vs DC

A new article over at Polygon says James Gunn doesn’t care about Marvel vs DC, and neither should we.

Supergirl executive producer Andrew Kreisberg talks about how the other DC TV heroes react to her arrival.

The cast of Marvel’s Doctor Strange movie briefly breaks down each of their characters for Entertainment Tonight.

The third episode of Batman The Telltale Series, “New World Order,” will hit gaming platforms on October 25.

Batman Rebirth - Watchmen

The mystery of Watchmen in DC’s Rebirth initiative is about to start unfurling in Batman #9, so get ready.

Check out some photos of Jon Bernthal in action on the set of Marvel’s Netflix series for The Punisher.

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