Captain America Civil War - Giant-Man Concept Art

Want to see the God of Thunder take on the Man of Steel? How much of an impact will the Flashpoint storyline have on the future of The Flash TV series? Could Agents of SHIELD be the best part of the Marvel cinematic universe? Was Richard Pryor once slated to play Brainiac in Superman III? Did you know the origin of the line “Good thinking, Batman” isn’t exactly from where you think it is? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

This trailer mash-up from ScreenRant imagines if Thor was pitted against Superman by Lex Luthor and Loki.

Greg Berlanti talks about the development of Black Lightning, the new DC TV project revealed to be in the works.

If you’re a superhero newbie, this video from Marvel runs through some of their famous anti-hero characters.

Justice League will be taking production to Iceland sometime this fall in either October or November.

Supergirl is ready to fly in this promo for the upcoming second season of the show, this time on The CW.

The second season of the animated Vixen series was dated for October 14th, but The CW has since pulled back on that.

Captain America Civil War - Giant-Man Concept Art

Concept artist Andy Park shows a piece from Captain America: Civil War of Giant-Man taking his big fall.

When the Flashpoint story comes to the third season of The Flash, some things Barry Allen won’t be able to fix.

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