What kind of Superman can we expect on the second season of Supergirl? Could Music Meister be coming to the Supergirl/The Flash musical crossover episode? Is there another villain in Doctor Strange we haven’t heard about yet? What does Makenzie Davis have to say about rumors of her casting in Deadpool 2? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Marvel has started to release some trippy, kaleidoscopic teasers for Doctor Strange on Twitter.

Supergirl executive producer Andrew Kreisberg says the new season of the show will be more like the comics.

Music Meister

Is there a chance Music Meister could make the forthcoming The Flash/Supergirl musical crossover make sense?

Director David Ayer thanked fans on Twitter for pushing Suicide Squad over $600 million worldwide at the box office.

If you can’t wait for the home video release, watch some of the Captain America: Civil War airport brawl here.

The Superman we’ll see in Supergirl will be a seasoned superhero with plenty of experience under his belt.

Avengers Galaga Mash-Up

Some artists have mashed up video games and comic book characters over at Comic Book Resources.

Fandango ran a poll of what the most anticipated movies of the fall are, and Doctor Strange came in at #3.

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