At the Suicide Squad premiere, director David Ayer said, “Fuck Marvel,” but later apologized for his remark.

io9 attempts to explain why the current line of X-Men comic books haven’t been all that great as of late.

It’s Thor vs The Flash, Falcon vs Wonder Woman, Superman vs Hulk and more in this Marvel vs DC mash-up.

Find out what Suicide Squad director David Ayer thought of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

LootCrate imagines what Suicide Squad might be like if it features Quentin Tarantino characters instead.

Jared Leto would love to play The Joker again for Ben Affleck‘s solo Batman movie that’s in development.


Calista Flockhart is officially just a recurring character as Cat Grant on the second season of Supergirl.

Will Smith attempts to explain why he didn’t create a track for the Suicide Squad soundtrack.

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