Which major celebrity created their own, customized Batmobile? Want to watch Michael Shannon and Tom Hiddleston talk about Man of Steel and The Avengers? How about see a ton of new images from the New York set of The Dark Knight Rises? What do cats look like dressed up as superheroes? Curious how you can make your very own flourescent kryptonite candy? How is North Carolina reacting to their Iron Man 3 news? What is Stan Lee doing with Michael Eisner? Is there video of the Man of Steel scene from which a spoiler-filled set photo surfaced recently? Read about all that and much more in this special four page, weekend edition of Superhero Bits.

Reddit users were recently discussing this image which speaks for itself.

Screenrant made this mash-up of The Avengers and The Muppets trailers.

/Film reader Michael F sent us a photos of his Punisher jack-o-lantern.

Stan Lee is teaming with Michael Eisner. What will the brains behind the history of Marvel and Disney have in store?

Pretty cool right? Someone transformed a Cadillac into their own custom Batmobile. That someone is Justin Bieber. Geekologie has the full gallery of images.

Believe it or not, in an interview with MTV News, Tom Hiddleston revealed he was also up for the role of Thor. He also calls The Avengersginormous” but won’t comment on The Skrulls.

Hiddleston also spoke to the Los Angeles Times about The Avengers and went on to talk about Joss Whedon‘s laugh. Here’s a sample:

The brain power is astonishing and he’s always giggling about something. He has this intermittently generous and supportive side as a director but I also think as an artist he has a really dark sense of humor. He kept telling me how much fun he had writing Loki. He steps inside the villains in a way that he doesn’t with the heroes.

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