What Thor 2 secrets did Tom Hiddleston and Patty Jenkins discuss at a recent dinner? Is there a sequel to Watchmen in the works? How much of The Avengers was shot on an iPhone? Want to see Batman: The Killing Joke reenacted with Legos? How much would you pay for the actual suitcase armor from Iron Man 2? Read about all of this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

Posterocalypse posted this kick ass Kick-Ass painting by Anthony Picarelli.

According to Bleeding Cool, DC Comics is quietly developing a sequel to Watchmen – the comic, not the movie – under the code name Panic Room. Will Alan Moore return? Probably not. But read who might at the link.

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UK’s The Sun posted a X-Men First Class DVD extra all about that exciting cameo. The embed doesn’t work so click on the link to watch it. Thanks to Comic Book Movie.

Another Captain America: The First Avenger extra thanks to CBM. It’s called “The Technology of the Film.”‘

Rhys Ifans spoke to The Orlando Sentinel (via CBM) about working with Marc Webb on The Amazing Spider-Man:

I put my whole body into ‘Spider-Man.’ It was a thrill to work with Marc Webb. He’s like Roland Emmerich. He’s doing blockbusters, but he has an ‘indie’ heart, an indie character-oriented sensibility….That was a very telling thing on the set. We knew it would be action-packed and epic and all that. But Marc made sure that the human dynamic was paramount, and that’s going to elevate the film possibly to a place that the other [ Spider Man] films got to.

The creative director of the Batman cartoon took to Reddit for requests of different Batmen people wanted to see. There are a ton but Breaking Batman, above, is one of the best. Thanks to /Film editor David Chen for the heads up.

Tom Hiddleston spoke to MTV News about Thor 2 director Patty Jenkins, who he recently had dinner with to discuss the film.

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