‘Super 8′ Easter Eggs

Slusho even appeared in Star Trek in the bar sequence on Earth. Notice the photo on the menu. “Slusho mix” is even mentioned in dialogue.

Slusho appears on a retro-looking sign hanging in the Kelvin store sequence of Super 8. Unfourtunately, I have been unable to find a clear screengrab of the sign from any of the trailers, tv spots or clips. Above you can see the sign on the very left of the first shot, and right behind the left side of the clerks head in the second shot.

For the viral campaign for Super 8, JJ introduced a new fictional cold desert product — Rocket Poppeteers.

Rocket Poppeteers can be seen in the background of the Kelvin store sequence.

Rocket Poppeteers mascot Captain “Coop” Cooper also appears on a t-shirt in the film (no photo available) and the name is featured on the missing dogs wall. Also remember that “Cooper” is the code name of the alien monster in the film, the role Greenwood is credited with.

In Super 8, the kids are making a zombie movie called “The Case”. The company within the film within the film is “Romero Chemicals”, a reference to the father of Zombie movies George Romero.

In the movie The Case, they investigate Building 47, a number which is prominently featured in the Abrams written/directed/produced television series Alias (seen above) and later appears in the Abrams-produced series Fringe.

Leonard Nimoy, who played older Spock in Abrams’ Star Trek and appears as Dr. William Bell in the Abrams-produced series Fringe, supposedly also makes some sort of appearance in the film — although we have not found it. The filmmaker told Collider that “Leonard Nimoy is in the movie somewhere if you can find him.” Can you find him?

Did you notice any Easter Eggs we might have missed? Please leave your tips in the comments below!

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