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The Boy Who Came Back to Life

I think where the season 2 premiere will be setting up this bigger expanded world, episode 2 will bring an increased focus on the Byers family. The title of the episode appears to be a reference to Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) who seemingly “came back to life” at the end of the first season when he was rescued from the Upside Down. The whole town assumed he was dead — there was even a “body” — so it should be interesting to see how it is explained that Will is back in good health. And we know that Will did not come back exactly the same as he once was, as the first season ends with him coughing up a gross slug creature and seeing flashes of the Upside Down. The Duffer Brothers have said this is something they want to explore in the second season:

We love the idea that [the Upside Down] is an environment that is not a great place for a human being to be living in. Will’s been there for an entire week, and it’s had some kind of effect on him, both emotionally and perhaps physically. The idea is he’s escaped this nightmare place, but has he really? That’s a place we wanted to go and potentially explore in season two. What effect does living in there for a week have on him? And what has been done to him? It’s not good, obviously.

They have also hinted that it may affect more characters than just Will: “Three of our other characters were in there. They took off their helmets. Nancy was in there too.”

Stranger Things eggs

The Pumpkin Patch

The original story took place in November 1983, and the teaser trailer revealed that the second season will not jump in time too much — it will be set in 1984. But I wonder how much time has gone by. Has it been a couple months or almost a year? This title seems like a reference to Halloween, the season of pumpkins. Might our story take place in that season? I’m sure there are 100 1980s movies like ET that serve as visual inspiration for this choice. Also remember that the third episode of the first season, “Holly, Jolly,” was also a season-themed title, and a great episode dealing with Joyce trying to communicate with Will via Christmas lights strung around her home.

Or perhaps it’s a reference to the eggs we saw in the Upside Down. We still don’t know if the eggs we saw in the first season are the Demogorgon’s offspring, but the concept artists have revealed that the monster was eating off of the eggs.

Castle Byers

The Palace

This is a puzzling title. In the first season, Will created a makeshift fort called Castle Byers which he often used as a hideaway. It was the place his mother Joyce first looked for him when he vanished. Will hid out in the castle in the Upside Down until the monster found him and destroyed it.

Or maybe “The Palace” is a reference to the Department of Energy building or a new government facility introduced in this new season? If we accept the Dungeons and Dragons analogy, maybe Will and his friends have to invade a new castle, but if so, what are they after?

Stranger Things rain

The Storm

It seems like we may be in for a fall thunderstorm, but the question is how different does that become when you add the Upside Down to the mix? This is the halfway point of the second season, and things are sure to shake up. Remember that electricity can be affected by the Upside Down and maybe a thunderstorm is the result of something happening on the other side?

The kids initially discovered Eleven during a big rainstorm. Might this episode mark their reunion with her character? Would the Duffer Brothers actually keep them apart for four episodes? The Duffer Brothers have left Eleven’s whereabouts “purposefully ambiguous”:

Obviously something happened to her when she destroyed and killed that monster, and we don’t know where she went. Hopper is left with this guilt because he sold her out. We wanted to leave it sort of mysterious exactly what he knows… Have there been sightings in the woods or is he hoping she’s out there or has he already made contact with her? We don’t answer any of that, but we like the idea of potentially putting her and Hopper together.

And they have yet to confirm Eleven even reappears in the second season (but I would bet real money that she does).

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