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During Dustin’s explanation about tadpoles and pollywogs in season 2, he refers to a species of frogs whose tadpoles develop outside the water called Indirana semipalmata. But in an interview with The Verge, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences’ paleontology curator Christian Kammer points out that particular genus hadn’t been discovered yet:

While the error is real, at least Kammerer has enough of a sense of humor to realize that his comment “may be the most nitpick-y and pedantic comment about anachronisms that has been made thus far.”

ST game Max

GeekTyrant points out that Stranger Things: The Game gave pychic blast powers to Max, the new female character introduced this season, when that character wasn’t shown to have any powers in the actual show itself. Is this foreshadowing something more from her in season 3? Probably not, since her “damage” move has since been swapped out with a decidedly less supernatural “coin toss” move.

Worst Episode of Stranger Things 2

During Vulture Festival in Los Angeles this past weekend, the Duffer Brothers teased the return of Kali (aka Eight), Eleven’s secret lab sister who appeared in season 2’s most controversial episode. Here’s what they said (via Indiewire):

“It would feel weird that we wouldn’t resolve that storyline,” said Matt Duffer. “Chances are high that she comes back.”

Ross Duffer added, “We’re in very early days of Season 3…That’s not an official announcement.”

If you find yourself with literally nothing else to do, you can head over to and upload photos of your friends, loved ones, or pets to have a digital Dart take a bite out of them.

ST Funkos

And finally, BleedingCool has a list of some new Stranger Things merch that fans will soon be able to get their hands on, including brand new Funko Pops and a plush nesting version of Dart in which smaller versions of Dustin’s beloved pet Demogorgon fit inside each other.

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