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Zach Braff Thinks This Scrubs Episode Is One Of The
Series' Greatest
Most fans would choose “Scrubs” Season 3 Episode 14, “My Screw Up,” as the best episode of the series with J.D.’s Zach Braff counted among them. "My Screw Up" brings back Brendan Fraser as Ben Sullivan, Dr. Cox’s former brother-in-law who is in town for his nephew Jack’s first birthday, two years after being treated for leukemia.
In the episode, Dr. Cox has to run an errand and has J.D. do a routine cancer screening on Ben, who hasn’t had one done since being treated. While Cox is gone, a patient dies from cardiac arrest, and he decides to overwork himself for the next two days to deal with his guilt.
Ben convinces Cox to attend Jack’s party and encourages him to forgive himself for something he couldn’t control. At the party, he apologizes to J.D. for blaming him for his patient’s death. When J.D. asks him "Where do you think we are?" it is only then that Cox, and the audience, realize that it’s not Jack’s party the characters are at, but Ben’s funeral.
It turns out that Ben was the patient that passed away, and as a result, Cox had a nervous breakdown that led to him spending the previous two days imagining Ben was still alive. The hints about Ben's fate are subtle and easy to miss, making the twist ending a gut punch that stays with you long after viewing.