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Yes, The Stranger Things 4 Subtitle Team Was 'Trolling A Little Bit'
From the now-infamous "tentacles undulating moistly" to the underrated "Demogorgon feeding wetly," the subtitles for “Stranger Things” Season 4 are clearly something else and there are many reasons that factored into these creative decisions. In a recent interview, the “Stranger Things” subtitle team explained they were having fun with the subtitles.
Jeff T., author of subtitles like "[ominous pulsing]", admitted that there was a fair bit of trolling involved in some of the lines. He also admits to being inspired by ASMR videos, “to figure out which words elicit [specific responses] in people, so I'll grab them and put them in my word bank. ‘Moistly’ pops up a lot in those ASMR streams."
Subtitles quality checker Karli Webster explained another reason subtitles go into great detail describing an unpleasant sound/sensation or the nuances of the background score is that they're an instrumental tool for deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences. Since subtitles function beyond mere dialogue transcription, it is vital that they convey the subtle shifts in mood in a tense, horror-centric supernatural series in the most visceral of ways.