LOS ANGELES, CA - 1987:  Actor Michael Dorn, who plays Lt. Worf in the TV show "Star Trek-The Next Generation, is seen in full makeup during a 1987 Los Angeles, California, photo session. (Photo by George Rose/Getty Images)
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Worf Is The John Wick Of The Star Trek Universe, According To Michael Dorn
First played by Michael Dorn in “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” Worf always stood apart from the other characters on the show, coming from a culture devoted to honor and combat. The Klingon was easily the most violent Enterprise crew member and always ready for action, with Dorn feeling that Worf was essentially the John Wick of the “Star Trek” universe.
Worf grew into a deeply principled action hero, thanks to his strict honor code and willingness to step forward and get the job done. Dorn shared, “I think Worf should be a character like Jack Reacher or John Wick or the Equalizer. It just hit me that that’s kind of who he is.” Worf seems to have grown past his need for revenge in the new season of “Picard,” though he still travels with a sword.
The actor added, “Worf is like a Jack Reacher, the Tom Cruise movies, or John Wick, where he’s not out for revenge, but he basically goes around the universe making things right. That’s where I think he’ll end up.” Worf’s role in Intelligence is fitting as it allows him to take action against criminals while still engaging in the formalism and protocol of Starfleet.