Vancouver, Canada - March 14, 2016: A model of Ellen Ripley from the "Aliens" film franchise in a Weyland Yutani power loader. The models are made by NECA.
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Why Xenomorphs Are Obsessed With Killing Humans
In “Alien,” the sinister android Ash describes the xenomorph as “the perfect organism,” with its sequels exploring the idea that murderous aliens are a pure force of destruction. While later films took the series in different directions, it wasn’t until Ridley Scott returned for “Prometheus” that audiences would learn about the creatures’ true purpose.
In the film, space explorers searching for humanity’s origins discover a planet containing the dead body of an enormous, white-skinned species dubbed the Engineers and infectious spores that grow destructive creatures in their human host’s body. Lead astronaut Shaw surmises that the Engineers created these killer animals and planned to unleash them on Earth.
The xenomorphs’ obsession with killing humans boils down to their DNA of being living weapons created to destroy. This idea is further explored in the Marvel Comics 2021 “Alien,” where an android refers to the monsters as “Prometheus’ cleansing fire,” implying that the aliens are used regularly to exterminate other species on a grand scale.