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Why Tim Curry Got Thrown Out Of An After Dark Showing Of The
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Since 1976, theaters across America and England regularly host midnight showings of the film, where the audience tosses rice, confetti, and insults at the screen. However, in the late '70s, Tim Curry was thrown out of an after-hours showing of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" for one, very ironic, reason.
As Curry explained in a 1982 interview, "I went rather early on at The Waverley [Theater] in New York, where it started, and they thought that I was an imposter, and they threw me out." Odds are, if he had come with the attitude and fishnets of Frank-N-Furter, he would have received a hero's welcome, but instead, the English actor got the boot.
He must not have been too torn up about it though because, throughout his career, Curry has avoided interviews about "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," as well as the midnight showings and fan conventions. Curry doesn't mind that the character has taken on a life of his own, even though that included die-hard fans tossing him out of a theater.